A time to reflect

By: Jacob Pamperin

Now that the semester is winding down it is important that we shift our focus in order to maximize what we have all accomplished over the past four months. E-Portfolios are an important part of applying for a job. A good e-portfolio contains multiple examples of experiences that show off skills that prospective employers are looking for. This article explains how utilizing an e-portfolio can be beneficial:


Reflection is an important part of the learning process. We have experienced stressful project deadlines, delivered a group presentation proposal, and authored a public relations blog website all semester. Incorporating these events into our e-portfolios will be an important part of our post college success. Reflection offers a time to learn from our experiences in order to improve our professional careers.

When showcasing these experiences in our e-portfolio it is important to remember the skills we developed. The best e-portfolio will not save anyone in a job interview if they cannot show how it translates to the skills needed to perform the job that they applied for.

I hope this post inspires anyone who has not started an e-portfolio to do so. It has been a great semester everyone! Thanks for reading.



  1. This is great! I actually just put together an eportfolio last night, at a possible employer’s request. He wanted samples of writing, formatting, design, and a few other things. It’s helpful to have it all in one place, and be able to showcase your work and skills to an employer.

  2. In an Interviewing class I took here at UW-L we had to put together either an online portfolio or a hardcopy. At first it just seemed like a time consuming job but having all of those accomplishments in one spot can really highlight all that someone has accomplished. I wish I would have kept better track of those things, its harder going back and trying to find them!

  3. I really like that you posted something about e-portfolios and gave a link to an article that “explains how utilizing an e-portfolio can be beneficial.” Last semester, I took the Interviewing class for Communication Studies at UW-L. This class was by far one of the most beneficial ones I have taken. I learned a lot about the interviewing process, and I also learned how to create a portfolio, hard-copy and electronic. We also had a guest speaker who came in to talk to us about how to create an e-portfolio. During this class period, we were all on computers and had the opportunity to follow along with the guest speaker and practice creating an e-portfolio. I highly recommend taking the Interviewing class for Communication Studies here at UW-L to anyone who will still be a student here next semester and in the semesters to come if able to fit in your schedule!

  4. I have heard great things about that class as well, though I never had the opportunity to take it. I appreciate that you posted the link as well! Now that I am graduated and job searching I feel so vulnerable. There is so much to say and in such little room to say it on a LinkedIn profile or a two page resume. This is a beneficial way to exhibit all of the work you have done, without forgetting accomplishments from 3 years ago! Thanks Jacob!

  5. Great recap! I had two portfolio classes and it seems that actual physical portfolios are extremely outdated. Keeping work in an online format is an easier way to share work with future employers. Thanks for the post.

  6. Creating an e-portfolio is something I haven’t really thought about, but it totally makes sense. I definitely feel like I’ve flown through this semester without taking time to reflect on how much has happened. Thanks for sharing and I hope I am able to sit down and create an e-portfolio soon.

  7. I actually made an e-portfolio in my interviewing course. I am so thankful that I did because I believe that is one of the things that helped me to stand out in my search for an internship! Without my e-portfolio who knows if I would have lived in NYC or now Nashville! It pays to put the effort in to make a good one!

  8. This semester, for my professional writing minor, I was enrolled in the class called portfolio keeping. In this class we had to create an e-portfolio and explain why we made the choices we did while creating the site. It was a fun experience and I included many different writing pieces as well as graphic design pieces within my portfolio to make myself look more versatile. I think since we are now living in the digital age, it is extremely important to have these types of portfolios so showcase skills.

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